Monday, August 10, 2009

August Opening

Huh, what a name for a title! Except for the month's name, there's nothing august at all in my pictures. And as for the 'Opening', it is, ironically, the end. Well, till after Raya, anyway. But then, I might just sneak in one or two. And in all probability, a recap slide for the month of July.

Hey! Don't take me for a serious photographer. Foremost, kindly remember that I am a newbie with very little knowledge and experience. Putting up a thick skin in displaying my photographs is the only way I can better myself (after reading the comments lah!). So, for the moment at least, if one need to categorise this cakapaje dude, then just label him as a nutcase or perhaps, a crazy photographer. That way, perhaps the comments will be a whole lot kinder and encouraging :) Oops!

By the way, I've closed my Picasaweb for public viewing for the moment. Kindly do not misunderstand: It's not that I do not want my friends downloading my photographs, but I am rearranging them - each and everyone of them - with labels. Fact is, I will be printing and framing some of them meant for sale. I will be displaying a few of them at one or two stalls with minimal pricing. Not all, mind you. Just a select few which a Mr Abas Hasan has pointed out. Who is Abas Hasan, you might ask. Well, he is a professional photographer with 20odd years experience and now parting his knowledge and experience to anyone interested. For further details on him, kindly click here (if the link does not work, check out the one in Painting Pictures).

To my friends, please do not view me cruelly for being a mercenary. I am doing this to force myself to become better. Well, that and apart from the fact that the money would come in handy to cover expenses. And especially to aN_archi, Intan, RB, and other blogger friends, once I've labelled the photos' aproper, you are more than welcome to download if without charges. In the meantime, should you fancy any, just email your request and I'll email the pic to you. Believe me, I will be flattered should you do.

And oh, regarding the birds in August Opening, they've been cropped real proper. Do forgive yours truly for not having a real good telephoto lens. Do hope, however, you enjoy this entry.