Thursday, June 25, 2009

Few New Angles

After the last pictures posted at Painting Pictures, there was a comment which when I interpreted, was a dare for other kind of pictures, namely scenes or landscape. Apart from admitting that I am yet good at those shots (or any for the matter), I do face another drawback or two.

Strange as it might sound, I seldom venture out for photo-shoots on the street. Not for any reason, but I do find going about it by car a great hassle. Tried it once I did, and did not like it one least bit. In my opinion, having a bicycle would be the idle ride for this purpose. Sadly - rather ashamedly, I have to admit - I cannot afford one yet.

The other, this camera having been a heavy investment, I do have the fear that some thugs might find it a good item to be hawked on the streets. Looking at some photographers who go out in groups of at least 2 or 3, I do not think I am being paranoid. And honestly, I have tried contacting one photographer in hope of joining his group, but have not received any response. But I fret it none as this has been the history of my life - finding myself alone in my undertakings.

Anyway, for several months now when the moon is full, I have been taking pictures of it from just outside my house. Realising that my camera is not equipped to take a real good picture of a full moon (with some of the landscape thrown in), I found, quite by accident, another perspective which I think few others have: I shoot the moon when there are clouds around it. The result? Forgive me if I sound vain, but I think they are quite awesome! Here, I keep reminding myself that I am merely a photographer who was able to capture scenes created by Allah s.w.t., and am very happy to have been able to do so.

In this near future, insyAllah, I will embark on a lone photo-shoot of more scenes, which include of people, a subject I like best. In fact, I have been slowly compiling several(about 20 now), using the Olympus (returned to owner now) as well as the Canon EOS 1000D.

And oh! The blue light near the moon in Moonlit Clouds: Legend of Moon-eating Dragon? Well, its just a reflection from a lamp at my rear. This picture was one of the first I took of the moon. As such, I was pretty much inexperience...and a dum dum. Afraid, viewers can expect a few more later.

For pics on this entry, kindly click here.

ps. I had a strange dream last night. Honestly, I am in two minds about it here. But since very few do hap upon this blog:
I dreamt that I disclosed my bank account number here in hope that anyone who do find my picture blog entertaining, wouldn't mind slipping a few notes into it. Something like basking. It would really help actually, seeing that my financial side is not doing too well now. But, as the saying goes: Let me sleep on it first.


  1. Salam Bro Ca, Sigh. My financial sides are not doing so well either and i have a dream to own a DSLR but the cost of one can pay months of my car installments. The truth is I use to have a Canon Eos 500 and love taking scenery (and people)...i think I shot some good ones but I don't have a scanner la to update those old pics. Dah lama tinggal...saw u took pics, teringin tapi ala...poket bocor.. :) So...all the best and klik klik away!! and dun worry menjadi perhatian dan orang pelik adalah occupational hazard a photographer.

  2. W'salam Intan,

    It seems, we have quite a number of things in common. And menjadi perhatian dan orang pelik, is the least of my concern. But menjadi perhatian to thugs and snatch thievesm is :( Thank you for the encouragement, Intan :)

  3. Salam...

    Well...daripada Painting Pictures tu buat for your own collection kan why not join any contest just for suka - suka??

    Pernah masuk webby ni ka?

    kalau blom try join there maybe can give u some ideas...

    kalau sudah...opppsss terlambat sudah! hehe

  4. W'salam Cello,

    Wow! Rasanya kan, belum lagi pandai untuk join contest; masih banyak perlu dipelajari. Tujuan Painting Pictures yang asal lain, tapi kini jadi lain. Kini, ianya menjadi tempat untuk pamerkan gambar sekadar practice dan untuk menerima teguran.

    Photomalaysia? InsyAllah, thank you :)