Monday, June 1, 2009

New Blog - Emi's Garden, Revamped

This is, yet, another blog I'm putting up. Frankly, I would not like to, but find the necessity to do so as documentation of my experience in the world of photography; it will be more of a diary of sorts, where I can later reflect on later to further improve myself. Working alone, is never easy. Many things you tend to forget. Things which otherwise, a partner could help by pointing out. Anyway, this first entry would be about a photo-shoot I did at Emi's garden quite recently.

Initially, I thought Emi had wanted some pictures of his garden for his new brochure - he is in the landscaping business - I approached it with a serious outlook, which is, when I reflect back, was wrong. Being serious meant that I unwittingly put needless pressure upon myself and this somewhat curtail any creative view and authority I should exude for the 2days there. Still, since it was the first time I was called upon, this perhaps could be forgiven.

To be honest, I am not too happy with the outcome of the shoot, especially on the first day: As Emi wanted the effects of the light of a setting sun to reflect on the garden and hence, the pictures, there was something like a mere 2 hours to work on. Perhaps for a seasoned or learned photographer, the time may have been more than sufficient. But for a greenhorn like yours truly? Let the pictures speak for my inexperience.

Further, without the confidence and authority, I found some undesirables such as the rubber hose used for watering the garden, as well as a water bottle carelessly left on one of those big earthen jars, included in some of the pictures. The two are, not exactly what one would expect for a picturesque view.

As those large jars occupy the front and center of the garden, I had intended to use them as the main theme. Can't say I succeeded well there.

Also, as the garden was sandwiched between two blocks of houses, I had set the ISO at 800 to offset and dark spot which may occur, while using minus 1 apprature to bring out the best in colour. I cannot say whether this is the correct thing to do, but by putting the pictures up here and allowing some learned people to look and comment, I would be able to learn more.

Should anyone stumble upon this blog, then the pictures I mentioned can be found at my Painting Pictures blog (click here).

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