Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Landmark

This entry is linked to the pictures here.

Nothing much to write about this episode, except for my frustration and anger at the security personnel stationed at the college, and the private school there.

I was walking around the private school, looking for shots to build up my portfolio. When I started clicking away, a man dressed in plain clothes approached and told me that I am not allowed to take any pictures. When I replied that I am on public ground - outside the perimeters of the school - the guy still insisted that I need permission from the school's principal to do so. I nearly blew my top as I was never trespassing nor had any intention to invade the privacy. So, I told the guy off and walked away. Off course, by then I already had taken several shots.

Then, at the college, which is the new landmark here in Kota Damansara, I really had the intention to take pictures from inside the grounds and politely asked permission. The first two security personnel said it was OK and I walked back to my car hoping to park inside. But as I reached the entrance gate, another security personnel stopped me and - he was polite and apologetic about it, saying his colleagues were mistaken - well, I had to make a U-turn. But he did said that it was OK for me to shoot from outside, which I did.

Watching the pictures of the college, I would have love to get nearer and shoot some angles which just could not be done from afar. But sigh...never mind, there's always other buildings and sceneries to be found elsewhere. However, when you think about it, why then would this people construct nice structures but would not allow the public to take pictures of them? Speaking of which...

I have come to notice that with each new building or residential area, Malaysia is slowly losing her identity. Take the college in Painting Pictures for example: Not only are the architecture non-Malaysia or even Asia in design (which is arguable to architects, I suppose), but they even had figurines of lions, which is an animal not endemic to Malaysia, or even South East Asia! This, again, maybe arguable to the owners as perhaps, their corporate logo might have a picture of a lion. But still, what about the local features then? If we do not take pride in our own design and tradition, who will? Sadly, many foreigners do.


  1. Salam...

    Meh l tolong jawap...why they don't allow u to take those pics...

    Senang saja...diorang takut u curik the idea...then got credit from that...orrrr perhaps it was a hint that they needed sumthin' from u...sumthin' like gula - gula ka...opppssss!


  2. W'salam Cello,

    Hmmm...never thought about that. Perhaps. Thanks for the thought though.