Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Even before I ventured into the world of photography - a rather short journey thus far, this date - I've always been fascinated by the pictures of human portraits, especially the candid shots of elderly people and displayed in black and white. Can't explain it, but I've always find those shots rather...mystifying, shall we say?

Since I'm still rather new, I found it quite awkward to take pictures of people, and have this fear that they might just balk on me were I to do so. However, I manage to brave myself and found that I do very much enjoy having a fellow human as my subject in photography. And the best I have come to experience, are those tender moment shots especially involving the affection of a parent towards the children. However, in this entry at Painting Pictures here, I am only uploading the pictures of children without parents. And 4 of those shots, were taken with an Olympus compact as then, I have yet to have this Canon.

As with the distortion of colours, with human subjects, some of the shots look much better either in Black and White, or Sephia, with warmify added in. Not very original, I admit, but I am still in the experimental stage.

InsyAllah, when I have enough collection, I will later upload pictures of adults and especially, the elderly.


  1. I know nuts about photography or cameras but you can sure shoot nice pictures that are appealing to me at least.


  2. Salam RB,

    Hehe Jak, I know nuts about photography as well. I thank you though, for the kind words and am happy you find them appealing. Thanks bro :)